The healing powers of velvet paws

Many people who are familiar with the hypnotic charm of purring cats might have always assumed this - they are not only fluffy housemates, but also little healers within our own four walls.

A cat's purr can express a lot. Feelings of elation such as cosiness or contentment, but also discomfort, hunger or fear. However, a cat's steady purring has a completely different effect. It helps to improve the healing of bones. Broken bones heal much faster in cats than in other mammals. This is due to the special purring frequencies of our four-legged friends. In human medicine, attempts are also being made to achieve a similar effect through vibration.

Falling asleep near a cat can also significantly improve the quality of sleep. Their gentle presence creates a calming atmosphere for a deep and restful sleep. Some people even prefer to share their bed with their cat rather than their partner.

Children who grow up in the company of furry pets are less likely to develop allergies. This is attributed to the increased presence of certain intestinal bacteria, triggered by regular contact with the animals. Early contact with cats in childhood can also reduce the risk of developing asthma.

The role of cats in the care of dementia patients is also very important. The four-legged friends make a valuable contribution to emotional support by alleviating worries, encouraging conversation and having an overall calming effect.

And it gets even better: studies show that cat owners suffer fewer heart attacks and die less frequently from cardiovascular diseases. So cats are said to have an impact on a better lifestyle.

And then there is the wondrous world of cat videos. These are known to generate an enormous amount of traffic on YouTube and the like. Behind the obvious entertainment value of these videos, however, there is more than just entertaining fun. The emotional reward - for example during breaks at work - can even help people to cope better with challenging tasks.

The importance of domestic cats therefore goes far beyond their role as companions. They subtly influence our physical and emotional well-being and therefore our health.

Your APO24 team