Welcome to the KalenderCard!

The KalenderCard is a pharmacy night service calendar in card format, which is published every year in around 120 Austrian towns and municipalities.

Since 1989, the KalenderCard has shown the on-call services of the local pharmacies for an entire year, as well as a selection of local statutory health insurance physicians.

The KalenderCard is...

...the print product of the APO24 website

...available in a print run of 10,000 copies per year, which can be obtained free of charge from pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, hospitals and social service institutions

...ideally suited as an advertising medium, as the product is valid for one year and offers the following common formats:

  • Standard field: 41,5 x 27,5 mm

  • Double field: 83 x 27,5 mm

  • Quad field: 83 x 55 mm

We are happy to help you with the graphic design of the advertisement on request, which is included in the price.

In addition, the KalenderCard is recognized by the Austrian medical associations as an advertising medium and there are no objections from the medical associations under medical law.

The KalenderCard team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


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